About Us

ECHO lacrosse is a lacrosse program based in the Upper Valley focused on fundamental skills and long term athletic development

  • We welcome players who are new to the game and those seeking to play at the next level and beyond
  • No matter what your needs are, ECHO lacrosse offers year ‘round training programs for grades 3-12, various seasonal clinics, and skill sessions

ECHO's Mission

ECHO Lacrosse will Empower our players strive to be their best, instill values in them that demonstrate strong Character, motivate our players on a personal level so that their actions come from the Heart, and surround our players in a culture of Ownership 

ECHO's Heartbeat

  • Providing high level lacrosse coaching, camps, clinics and skill sessions while always remaining true to our focus of creating strong leaders and teammates
  • At ECHO, we are firm believers that through sport we learn some of life's most important lessons. By joining ECHO, you will become a part of a FAMILY and a unified heartbeat. ECHO is not only about lacrosse, but we strive to make YOU the best version of yourself, while becoming a stronger athlete and person
  • Every player's journey is different and through ECHO we teach our players to be confident and celebrate their individual skills. Every player has a voice and will have the confidence to stand up tall and BE HEARD