ECHO Lacrosse, based in the Upper Valley, is an elite girls’ lacrosse program for New Hampshire and Vermont families. We look forward to expanding the opportunities for girls to play lacrosse and to grow as individuals. With the creation of ECHO, a life long dream is being achieved, which is creating a positive, encouraging and loving atmosphere for young individuals to excel not only on the field, but off. 

At ECHO, we strongly believe that participating in sport and being part of a team are the perfect resource in character development. We will focus on each individual player and their specific needs in order to have the most impact on their development. Regardless if a player is picking up a stick for the first time or is a very experienced player, ECHO is the place for them. 

We will Empower our players to be the best version of themselves, we will do everything in our power to build up their Character and Heart, so they can truly believe in themselves and the choices they are making and lastly, we will create an environment of Ownership, so our players can stand up for what they believe in and have the confidence in their actions.    

One of the main entities to ECHO, is the recruiting and mentoring program. We seek to guide our athletes and assist them in finding the best school and lacrosse program for their specific needs and desires. If your daughter wants to compete, learn new skills, have fun and gain confidence, ECHO is the place for her. We sincerely believe the development these girls will experience with ECHO will be unlike anything they’ve experienced before. 

During the fall season, as well as the winter and summer camps/clinics we will host, we plan on having a wide array of coaches join us and not just lacrosse players or coaches. We love the idea of incorporating fitness, strength training and personal development into the club experience, which is why we will have additional programming, coaches and guest speakers joining us throughout the year.   

Going forward, we are extremely excited to connect with lacrosse families to learn how ECHO Lacrosse, can serve our athletes as well-balanced student-athletes and leaders in their communities. Please reach out to Whit Willocks, at whitakerwillocks@echolacrosse.com if you would like to share your perspective and feedback.

We look forward to continued communication about this exciting development for girls’ lacrosse in NH and VT.